Harleen Chatha
Master in Design Management from Istituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona.
Art & Design Diploma from Srishti school of Art, Design, & Technology, Bangalore.
One word explanation of my practice - Anomalous.
Brief intro to my world - The fickle mirth of sanity, versus the colourful gravity of madness.
Even though I'd say I'm rather monotone with the way I dress, or the things I tend to surround myself with, all the content that's been coming out of my artistic practice of late, is full of colour. It's a striking contrast that I strive to preserve, nurture, and manoeuvre; every single day. While most of my work is centred around users, and is very research based in nature, it's almost always combined with an aspect of play; taking my practice into a varied grey area. 
 With every project, I like to put myself within a tangible context to respond to all it's individual aspects that are perceptible to me. To put it bluntly, my projects are often interactive, concerned with creating immersive experiences. I strongly believe in kinesthetic learning; that, coupled with how visual and aural stimuli dictate my daily life, most of my inquiries, (even if tangible like an installation) explore abstracted and highly graphic forms, lines and patterns with bold colour play.
Trained in Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, UI & UX Design for mobile & web, Furniture & Spatial Design, Scenographic Design, Interior Styling, DIY Electronics, Public Space Art, and basics of Product Design. 
Self-proclaimed writer, poet, rapper, barista, bartender, and lomographer.
Break. Tinker. Build. Experiment. Fabricate. Ideate.