BRIEF & CONCEPT - Water bottle that incorporates copper and/or it's alloys as a material in the design due to it's strong antimicrobial properties.
For generations now, it has been a common practice in India to use utensils made out of copper / brass for storage of drinking water.

CHALLENGE - Incorporating this age old notion into a cleaner & slicker designs, keeping in mind the current parameters. 

A few limits we set for ourselves during the process of ideation, like a wireframe :
1 - Cleanliness - Copper as a material accumulates a lot of dirt and grime, and proves rather hard to clean. Brass, an alloy of Copper and Zinc; exhibits the same antimicrobial properties, but is much easier to maintain.
2 -  Portability - By putting this out in the market, we would be competing with an array of plastic and glass bottles, and these are monumentally lighter and easier to carry around. To solve this, we realised that it had to be two materials - something light to complement the heavy brass - food grade Silicone.
3 - Flexibility - Must fit in bags, handbags, cars, etc.
4 - Balance - Another challenge that comes with using two contrasting materials like Silicone and Brass, it shouldn't topple over easy. 
5 - Look & Feel - Again, with the plethora of water bottles already in the market, it would have to be something that didn't just look like any cookie-cutter bottle. 
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