BRIEF - The Urban Vision invited the Art in Transit collective to Mumbai, to turn all the little public niches in the area in Kandivali, into public spaces that people could use and inhabit. 

The people of the area were very welcoming, because since the builder's taken over, it's only been about demolition or 're-development'. 
SPACE - I chose to paint this particular gate because this little building is a government run public conservatory that's hiding down a quiet little road. The residents of the area don't even know that they can access it, let alone share in the wealth of the plants. I figured that this is something that's worth highlighting. This building is their space. It is where it is, for them. And they should know that.
Using geometry, I've attempted to make creepers on the wall - breaking the tension between all the concrete, and trying to let people know via the color palette - that it's a green building.
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