BRIEF - Poster and brand design for Kashish Queer Film Festival, 2018, Mumbai

Language, since it’s earliest form, has always been a very integral part of our social lives. It is something that has evolved with us, and continues to do so. We use words to describe who we are, to introduce ourselves, to help people define who we are and what we do. 

In the case of our community, a lot of these words that have been taken away from us, and have been turned into derogatory slang. Slang, that is used against us. To put us into boxes that can fit into heteronormative sensibilities. 

Our community is one that has many many colours. Each of us identify with one colour and all colours - all at the same time. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans - we are all queer. 

This design is inspired by the very notion that we find strength in being a varied group of individuals, that all fall under a very large umbrella. Our starkly different identities are all welcome here. All the words that may be used to put us down, can be reclaimed to empower us, to bring us together.
Since I took my first steps with text - here is the original concept iteration that I made.
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