Taking the underbelly concept forward, I came to a sort of modular form.
This is the initial sketch of it - 
Eventhough this wasn't the first modular form that had come to mind, there was something organic about this that was strangely charming, hence I attempted to pursue it. 

It required a lot of development and a fair amount of sacrifices for ergonomic and safety requirements of the metro and public space in general, but along with Mr. Samir Parker & Mr. Amitabh Kumar's help and guidance, I did arrive to a few finalists. 

Here are some of the 3D models from this month-long process - 
POSITIONING - This was one of the most crucial points in my mind, because no matter how technically sound or attractive the form could be, if the narrative didn't come through, or if the sort of gradual undulation that I was working toward didn't come through this - then it would all be to shame. 
Again, this wasn't something I could settle digitally.
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