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MINT hotels - Branding, collaterals, and signage
Website - Future Theory
Lounge chair design
Interior Styling for Photo Shoot - Godrej, The Trees
Future Theory - Festival Decor
Future Theory - Branding & Identity
Undulating Planes - Final Installation
Apah - Concept Design
Future Theory - Collateral Design
The Grind Cafe Branding
Poster & Brand Design for Kashish Queer Film Festival
Future Theory - Logo Design
Risolve - Logo Design
Interior Design for an office cabin
Tibb's Frankie - Rebranding and positioning
J Hospitality Services - Logo Design
Teal branding - WIP
AGD Biomedicals - Packaging Design
The Strut Logo Design
Tongue Twister Logo Design
Space Rocket
Playing with Type
Interpretation of Edward De Bono's Six Thinking Hats
Welcome to The Vortex Illustration
DREAM TEAM Poster Design
Musical Journey with Kishore Sodha
Exchange the Robin - Mural at VR Whitefield
Mural in Bandra West - The Bunny
Mural at The Army Institute
Mural with The Urban Vision in Kandivali, Mumbai
Salvation Starlets Poster Design
Logo Design for pH factor
Logo Design for Dreamcatchers
Logo & Visiting Card Design for Shlok Arts
Craft Beer Weekender - Creatives for Hipcask
Promo creative & illustration for Hipcask
Poster Template Design for Hipcask
Undulating Planes - Project I - Metaphor Exercise
Undulating Planes - Project 2 - Mapping
Undulating Planes - Project 3 - First Moves
Undulating Planes - Project 4 - Arriving to form
Undulating Planes - Documentation - Cover Illustrations
Poly Illustrations for The Trees - Godrej
Portrait illustration
Background Illustration of The Power Puff Girls
6mm Designs & Furniture - Internship
Stackable Stool Design
The Noodle Stool
Easel Design
Poster Design for Goudy Old Style Typeface
MIT Media Lab - Draw my Dance
Logo Design for Door to Humanity
Rhino (3D modelling) and Keyshot (rendering) practice
Color Triangle
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